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fsb Oerrel Rope Climbing School - Competent in all questions of climbing courses


For more than 10 years the Forestry Treeseed Advisory Board (fsb) Oerrel very successfully is teaching an ever rising number of applicants the ropes of  professional tree climbing. Mostly those applicants are civilians or employees of companies.

The main teaching components are tree care, tree rescue development, difficult tree felling and tree shaping for traffic safety reasons.

Nevertheless our way of teaching tree climbing is used in ornithology studies,

emergency rescue work, scientific works in tree top projects in Germany as well as abroad.


Timings for the courses depend on the work load of the fsb and are mostly held between March and May and in September and October.

Each course can hold four or five people so the instructor can teach them very intensely. The main part of the course lies in the practical training, but safety always has the highest of priorities in the fsb. The theoretical part of the course is held in a modern equipped class room. All the tools, ropes, books etc. are available for all the participants to use.

Those can be purchased after.

All participants are doing a practical and a written exam at the end of the course and get a certificate.


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Thomas Böhl

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