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"Forestry is the only industry in which use and protection of nature, that is, economy and ecology, are so well balanced. By using our renewable raw material, timber, we retain our last natural landscape reserves, and at the same time improve our environmental conditions and eco systems while looking after priceless recreational areas. Our ancestors developed the growing wealth that we have in our forests today. We now use it responsibly to ensure economic success. But we also keep an eye on future generations and would like to pass on well maintained forests to them. This is our guiding principle for sustainable development that handles resources economically, ecologically and with a sense of social responsibility."


Dr. Klaus Merker, President

Lower Saxony State Forest – the forest is in good hands

Lower Saxony State Forest (NLF) is the largest forest owner in Lower Saxony. Practical management of the forests is the task of the forestry commission offices and their associated regional forest warden’s offices. In addition, Lower Saxony State Forest looks after 85,000 ha of forest for municipalities and forest cooperatives as a service provider.


A successful company

We manage 340,000 ha of state forest on a near-natural basis. About 6,000 solid cubic metres of timber grow each day in our forests. This is equivalent to about 250 scm per hour that we can remove from the forest in a sustainable manner.

We are a successful company with an annual turnover of approximately €130 million and net value added of about €60 million. After 45 years, Lower Saxony State Forest has again reported profits in its operations.

Apart from development of the operational business, our main focus is on services in the areas of ecology, environmental education and recreation for many millions of people.


Lower Saxony State Forest backs innovation

In our organisation, decisions are generally made by the management of the 24 forestry commission offices and the 250 forest warden's offices. At the same time, we incorporate all 1,300 employees in a continuous process of improvement.

We use state-of-the-art technology and promote new developments.


Create variety – responsibility for nature conservation

We manage our areas according to the silviculture and forest protection principles set out in the LÖWE programme and defined through compliance with the PEFC certification system.

Many rare species find a last refuge in our forests and their numbers have increased over the last years. A third of our area is integrated into the EU's Natura2000 tracts.


Fascination for the forest – sustainable environmental education and more

We take our education tasks seriously: Each year more than 230,000 children and adults visit our parks, exhibitions and forest adventure centres. More than 43,000 participants of all ages take part in our environmental education events each year, and more than 11,000 guests visit our 9 forest youth hostels throughout Lower Saxony.

Apart from this, many people visit our forests to hike, cycle, jog, play and simply for the recreation value.


The future of the forest – responsibility for future generations

The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is used to describe companies' responsible actions aimed at benefitting society. Social, ecological and ethical commitments are part of modern sustainability. Lower Saxony State Forest (NLF) sees itself as especially responsible and provides many services for society. It is our business success that gives us the leeway to offer extensive sustainable development in the areas of ecology and environmental education and recreational areas for many millions of people. NLF serves the common good in a very special way.


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