Niedersächsisches Forstamt Münden

The Forest District Office of Münden

The forest district manages roughly 18.600 hectares, mainly deciduous forests.

Next to 11.500 ha of forest owned by Lower Saxony forest administration, we guide private owners in managing their forests. There are 71 different owner groups who own about 7000 ha of forest.

The management is offered according to the wishes of the owners. Ranging from planning to organizing harvest and selling of timber, we also offer forest protection management and other services.

The headquarter is located at the village of Hann.Münden – Hemeln, south-west of Göttingen.

The forest district office is responsible for 13 forest ranger districts.

An additional forest ranger is responsible for Public Relations and Environmental Education and another forest ranger has the responsibility for nature conservation

One forest ranger run a forest youth hostel.

We are educating students from the university, the college and from schools.





Our employees:

In the forest district office of Münden we employ:

1 Forest district leader, assisted by 2 departmental heads

18 forest rangers

5 employees

2 forest female workers and 19 forest workers   

2 housekeepers in the forest youth hostel

1 gardener


Beech from the forest district of Münden

In our region beech (Fagus sylvatica) grows especially well and accounts

for 51 % of the trees.

Other important species are such as oak (Quercus robur and petraea), norway spruce (Picea abies), larch (Larix decidua), noble hardwood species (Acer pseudoplatanus, platanoides and campestre, Fraxinus excelsior, Sorbus spec., Prunus avium) and douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii).

The average standing volume of timber is 350 m³/ hectare. The annual allowable cut amounts to about 80.000 m³, i.e. 7.5 m³/a/ha. The increment is 13 m³/a/ha.

We can offer timber of the above mentioned species in different sizes or quality.


Climate situation in Münden

The climate has an atlantic to sub-continental character with an annual average temperature of 8° C and an annual precipitation of 680 mm.

The soils are fertile due to limestone and sandstone geology.


Services for people in our forest

Our colleagues in the forest district office and the forest ranger districts are willing to answer any questions about the forest.


Forest youth Hotel

Situated in the forest is the Forest youth hotel “Steinberg” open to school classes and private groups. You can spend a stay there while helping the rangers in their different tasks as planting trees. Also groups can enjoy a stay at the Steinberg with hikes to the forest, bathing in a natural pond, or just relaxing.


Timber for buildings and for fire

When using timber you live in partnership with nature. Trees reduce CO² levels in the atmosphere and therefore help to control the greenhouse effect.

You can get fire wood for your wood burning stove at your next forest ranger district.


Fresh meat from deer – healthy and tasty

Meat from deer is not more expensive than other meat. It is good for your health because it is rich in protein and low-fat. The forest ranger districts offer deer meat as a whole animal with hide, without innards.

Seasonally available are roebuck, wild boar and red deer.


Information and impressions

In beautiful and natural ecological forests we have program suggestions for children and adults.

We can offer guided tours for teachers and pupils, teacher training, excursions, information, education and administration.

We would like to answer to all your questions!


250 years of sustainable development

The programme for long-term ecological development of state forests in Lower-Saxony has 13 principles:

• Site protection and site-adapted species composition

• Larger proportion of hardwood stands and mixed stands

• Ecological compatibility

• Natural regeneration

• Harvesting of target diameter trees

• Conservation of old trees

• Protection of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna

• Establishment of a network of protected forests

• Provision of special non-wood services of forests

• Development and tending of forest edges

• Forest protection following ecological aims

• Ecologically oriented wildlife management

• Environmentally friendly forest technology


Sustainable development means that we are only allowed to cut as much timber as it is possible to grow every year. It also includes the protection of the forests, the soils, the air and the water and as well it is necessary to reserve forest for the people to relax.


PEFC - Certification

With the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes we guarantee sustainable development in the forest.



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