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Vision and Mission Statement

The forest as a source of timber as a renewable raw material, as a natural habitat for flora and fauna, as an environment for humans and as our property are important resources. 


We maintain and develop this wealth that has been entrusted to us for future generations according to the principles of sustainability.


In harmony with this, we strive to develop Lower Saxony State Forest to become an innovative, competitive and successful company.



Sustainability was, is and will remain the guiding principle of our actions. We understand this to mean long-term measures and steps. All aspects of our company take account of this.


We generate an appropriate profit for us as a company and for our owner, the state of Lower Saxony. We retain our wealth and strive to develop our assets in a positive direction. Near-natural silviculture, new business areas and adequate reserves safeguard us against risks.


We manage our forest according to the 13 principles of the LÖWE programme. We have a high degree of competency and responsibility for nature and environmental protection; we develop these continuously and implement them in practice in an exemplary manner. We are an environmentally aware company, use environmentally friendly, innovative technologies and conserve resources.


Occupational health and safety are our top priority. Qualified, creative, committed and satisfied employees are the basis of our company's success. To ensure that this remains the case, we operate an ongoing personnel development system. We believe that training is very important. We offer secure and attractive jobs and strive to ensure that they are family-friendly and flexible. We face the changing challenges with our performance and maintain and develop our competencies.


We want all our employees to be able to identify with the company. Team skills and teamwork in combination with respect are the foundations of our successful work. Managers are role models and have particular responsibility. They ensure transparency and reliability and encourage trust. Delegation and participation in decision-making processes form the basis of our cooperation.


We are in an ongoing process of improvement. By ensuring continuous improvement, we increase the quality of our products and services and improve our financial results. We develop innovative methods, promote new technologies and open up new business areas.

We offer a wide range of products and services in accordance with our high quality standards and are successful in terms of meeting the challenges posed by competition. Our actions are oriented to the interests of our customers. Customer satisfaction and dealing with our customers in a friendly manner are very important to us. Long-term loyalty is an expression of our partner-like cooperation. We successfully support forest owners. As a key customer, the state of Lower Saxony entrusts us with other tasks.


We are a certified company and subject our entire operations to ongoing and external reviews. Our suppliers and service providers fulfil clearly defined quality standards that we have agreed with them. We maintain a trusting and fair partnership.


As a public company, we have particular social responsibility. This relates to the use, protection and recreation functions of the forest. With our "Future Forest Foundation - State Forest Foundation)" (Stiftung Zukunft Wald - Landesforsten-Stiftung) – we assume special responsibility in the areas of nature conservation and environmental education.

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